Our team of trial lawyers and paralegals regularly prepare for and present at jury trials, court trials, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings. In civil practice, depositions are often the building blocks of trial and these days, a trial attorney be adept on digital platforms to take an effective deposition. Our attorneys possess those skills.

In an ideal world, all cases would resolve without need of a trial. The process is almost always stressful and expensive. Settlement is certain and trial is uncertain. Pretrial options may be far better than a trial.

But not every case can be settled or concluded by a pretrial motion. When a trial is necessary, our team is ready. We have the experience to deliver a well-managed, cost-effective, polished presentation to the courtroom. Our trial team knows how to keep the focus of a trial on the merits, and not on the mechanics, to ensure that our clients have their day in court and a successful outcome.

Representative Work:

  • Defense verdict in a jury trial on behalf of trustee on the claims of breach of fiduciary duty, concealment, and breach of trust.
  • Plaintiff's verdict in a jury trial on behalf of a whistleblower against the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Plaintiff's verdict in a jury trial on behalf of a minority shareholder on claims of accounting fraud and breach of fiduciary duty case.
  • Plaintiff's verdict in a jury trial on behalf of a homeowner in construction defects case.
  • Plaintiff’s verdict in court trial on behalf of business owner against former CFO/accountant for multiple fraudulent financial schemes.
  • Defense verdict in jury trial for boat repair business in Harbors & Navigation Code claim.
  • Plaintiff’s verdict in jury trial on behalf of property owner for timber trespass.
  • Defense verdict in arbitration on behalf of general contractor in construction defects case.
  • Defense verdict in a jury trial on behalf of farmer in water rights case.
  • Prevailed in a three-month preliminary hearing (dismissal of all felony charges) on behalf of business owner for alleged environmental and regulatory violations.
  • Prevailed in a lengthy criminal evidentiary hearing concerning storm water discharges and related Fish and Game Code violations.